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Posted by Triple-Stabber - September 2nd, 2018

Ey another one cuz why not, idk just thought I had enough shit to have another one to post. So with that, what should I talk about first?


I'll bite, I dont care, give a shit or even know why celebrations are on milestones. You might say its a big number, but going with that shouldn't there be a milestone celebration thats like "1,562,009 subscribers!!!" rather than every single YouTuber doing a million milestone mish mash?

Pokemon Black 2

Yeet, playing this now. Say goodbye to Orochi, Wireless, Koko, Dusk, Cellitine and Kazumarill...and welcome to my Black 2 team which is...

Samurott (Mitsuhide)

Galvantula (Niko)

Sigilyph (Hue)

Vibrava (Avera)

Litwick (Wildfire)

Pawniard (Musashi)

Yes, Avera, Wildfire and Musashi will evolve into their respective evolvutions soon but that's what my team is now.

Art Stuff

Not much, just trying out smoothing out shadows and it looks alright. Mostly wanna try it cuz places that need soft shadows like boobs dont look goos with a harsh lineart at its bay. Other thing to add to art stuff is that I wouldn't recommend Stabilo erasers, they dont rub and instead they smear. 

That's it so stay safe and watch Masae Anela's LP of Katamari Forever, its great.


Posted by Triple-Stabber - July 16th, 2018

Eh, feel like doing another of these, maybe I just wanna talk, maybe its been a long time. What to talk about? Hmmm

Pokemon White 2

No question, it had beaten Warriors Orochi as my favourite game, the Pokemon generation where it gets the most or at least massive amount of hate, is my favourite. Of course my team isnt the best as you've probably seen my drawing of em like Reuniclus...but this generation sure has made me love Azumarill to the fact that now, it is my favourite pokemon. Im right now in....Accumula Town? In the post-game and....I dont know where to go from here if I complete the game...X could be interesting, but White 2 is just better by every Pokemon player Ive seen..


Guess maybe some talks about the comics too I guess, first...right now...I have now the completed ending for the comic. What I will say is dont get too excited for the comic, the lewdness is now, a secondary additive? Now my aim is to just have a normal lesbian couple, maybe even to show that Lesbian/Gay couples can be normal as Straight ones. Thats a big hope but its a great one to have.

Not much else eh, I will also drawing more normal drawings in between the pages to have more variety of course. But for now..stay safe...and...eh, I'll recommend some music I have in my YouTube views on

Africa - Toto cover by Jonathan Young - https://youtu.be/Io4DryKmrgE

The AfterMath by The Stupendium - https://youtu.be/HBecc_lhiIg

And a meme, why not. Despacito 2 by FlyingKitty - https://youtu.be/W3GrSMYbkBE

Posted by Triple-Stabber - April 29th, 2018

Eyyy yo, another one of these. Just a small update with no ideas on what I'm gonna type here

First thing is that I have 100% Completionist Warriors Orochi 2, even after 2/3'rds a year of playing the game, it's still the best game ever with no boringness to it. Still would recommend it, recommended characters are Minamoto Yoshitsune, Taigong Wang, Tachibana Ginchiyo, Zhou Yu and Akechi Mitsuhide. They can be really OP if you know how to use them.

Yoshitsune, Zhou Yu and Mitsuhide are great sweepers and combo makers

Ginchiyo can break blocks with most of her charge attacks

And Taigong is explosion in every charge attack

And the comic I have.....still going smoothly I guess, still in the cute part. The lewd part will take some time and it will be fun, I think. That's all for this post so just stay safe and make some homemade fries with fried potato skins

Posted by Triple-Stabber - March 24th, 2018




Now that you know the tone of this Just Banter, it will be a rant. First the beginning...

The plan was to make a sketchbook video, post it, draw a digital drawing here, free time. Right from the very start the plan went straight into an anus of a buck. I filmed the whole video.....the video was in portrait mode the whole time..........even tho I had my iPad's rotation locked in landscape mode. A normal person would be mad, same as me but 10x worse since I have anger issues. Change of plans "chill in park, come back, draw and do video in a later date" simple enough....... The house key was not in the house...

Right about know is where the 2nd rant comes in....religion. Oh boy all my fans ran away, I don't give a care. I fucking loath religion, today is one of those days where I despise the sheer thought of it and the people who are supporters of it. Because there is no way to prove religion wrong, it's just loopholes with a side of loopholes dipped in loopholes with  a sprinkle of loopholes.

Alright imagine this, a friend or a person you know. You expect say an apple from them, and you get said apple, you would be happy, right? Easy. Now...imagine you expect the apple but this time you don't get an apple, you would be mad and furious, wouldn't you? Now why shouldn't the same logic apply to religion? It's the same fuckin thing

You cannot win against a religion person like for fuck sake, another scenario, 3 in particular... (Doesn't get hit by truck) "God planned it that way". (Grazed by truck) "God plans it". (Killed by truck) "God's Plan by Drake" whatever the fuck. Do you see the problem? No matter what, they always try to link it to a praise of God.....eugh.......

I'm not gonna win in a religion war anyway but I do know atheism is on the rise with the Internet supporting it. So al I can hope is in the near future or even the far future, for religions to all die. Rant over, and with that, I feel kinda better I guess. No drawing until tomorrow, can't be fucking bothered, Just Banter #3 in the next millennia 

Posted by Triple-Stabber - January 19th, 2018


I'm guessing this is how you talk to your audience? I don't know, I just want to let it all out and cool myself for a bit

So...if you know my DeviantArt, you would know what "Just Banter" is. But for NewGrounds...Just Banter is just a way for me to just talk to you guys and just pour out all my thoughts and feelings I have at the moment

So guess I'll start off with...I don't know what to feel right now, it's not like I've hit an Art Block or anything. I sketch more than 3-4 pages every single day so I'm fine. And I don't think I have a sort of depression or anything, if you do though, get some help, YouTube, hobbies, friends can help. Anyway...I don't know, I'm just.....not lazy...it's just ....unlike myself you could say? I'll sort things out until I post another update of Just Banter 2

And with that out another thing.......there should be a drawing either tomorrow or overmorrow....I think that's what it's called, anyway. Just prepare yourselves cuz it's a good one

Oh yeah, also. Cinemassacre is still going strong, been watching them even more recently and it's just so tucking good, highly recommend.

Well that's all I have to say for the first post so yeah, stay safe and drink sufficient water